Why I Look at the Stars

Even though I’ll miss the long days of summer, I do welcome the shorter days because I have more opportunity to take walks in the dark.nightsky

I love walking in the dark, whether it’s well before sunrise or later in the day.

It’s a little easier to pray since it’s quieter – plus I tend to talk to myself so I can do that more freely without looking like I walked out of a psychiatric ward.

The last two early mornings the sky was clear and the stars were out. I watched the sky as I walked – being careful not to trip or walk into a pole (I did that once in front of a lot of people – I’ll tell you about it sometime).

Star gazing helps put things into perspective. Suddenly, I feel small and the things in life that we call ‘problems’ don’t seem so big after all.

Star gazing reminds me that the world is bigger than Yolanda’s little world. Even though I feel small, I also feel a part of something bigger and greater.

Our human nature is to be self-centered. We have to make the effort to get out of our world and see that there’s more than just our bubble.

When I look at the night sky I think about all people who have come before me and looked up at this same sky; average people that the world doesn’t remember who had their share of hurts, hopes and dreams. There are those we consider great and made history such as Abraham and Galileo who looked at the stars and wondered about life.

Even though I feel a sense of smallness when I look at the stars, I also feel a connection to the One who created them. That’s the best thing I take away from star gazing – I don’t walk away feeling insignificant.

Instead, I feel the love of God and although I may be small, I matter.

And so do you.

“The moon and stars to rule over the night, for his steadfast love endures forever;” ~Psalm 136:9 ESV

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