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3 Destructive Thoughts That You Need To Change

If you’re awake, you’re thinking.  There are thoughts in your mind at every moment.  That means thousands of thoughts go through your mind every single day. girl_looking_out_window-28993534_std

You may shrug your shoulders and say, “So what?  It’s just a thought.”

Everything that you have in your life today is there because it first manifested itself as a thought.

Your thoughts will determine your actions–or lack of actions.

Your thoughts often determine who the people in your life are and how you allow them to treat you.

Your thoughts can influence the state of your health.

Powerful stuff.  And because they’re so powerful, we need to be mindful of the thoughts we think.

You can change how you think.

change thoughts

It’s not easy, especially if ingrained thinking patterns have been a part of your whole life.

Here are 3 destructive thoughts that need to be changed:

1.  “Why does this always happen to me?”  or some version of this “why me” thought.

Why not you?  We think we should be immune to bad things happening to us. We live in a fallen world and you are a part of that world – so why not you?

Be honest with yourself.  Is there something that you are doing that is causing this to continue happening?  Maybe there is a behavior that you need to change.

Change this thought to, “What can I learn from this and is there something I can do to keep it from happening again?”

2.  “I’ll never…(insert what your thought is here).” 

You’re right.

If you think you’ll never… be happy, get a job you enjoy, get out of debt, be healthy… then you won’t.  These thoughts will keep you from taking the action towards what you want.  You will continue the cycle of thought/action that will keep you from what it is you think you will never do or have.

Change this thought to, “I will pursue what I want in life and I am worthy of having it.”

3.  “Life sucks.”  This phrase is everywhere and we’ve all heard the, “and then you die,” part at the end.  We may laugh, but this thought is truly destructive.  From this thought arises bitterness and anger that can be carried throughout a lifetime.

Change this thought to, “I accept that life can bring challenges and heartache, but I will become stronger, more empathetic and wiser because of it.”

It’s not easy to make changes in our thinking, but if we do, we can improve the quality of our lives.

How about you?  Do you find destructive thoughts hard to overcome?

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” ~Proverbs 23:7