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Why You Need To Believe You Have Value

There are a lot of books and web info out there to help people develop self worth.

They help people believe that they can achieve their dreams and that they are capable, competent and able to learn new things.

They try to help people develop more confidence, more self-assurance, more motivation.

The desire for this information is because it’s our nature to tear ourselves down. We tend to think the worst about ourselves. We’re more drawn to the negative in us.negative

We tear ourselves down and think negatively because of what we believe about ourselves.

Negative events and emotions have more impact on our brains. Events that produce negative emotions are processed more thoroughly than positive ones.

That process involves more thinking and we use stronger words, which carry greater impact, to describe the negative. This makes it easier to ruminate about negative thoughts, creating a cycle of negative thinking that is hard to break.

And those negative thoughts are often aimed at ourselves and our lives.

Negative beliefs and thoughts keep us from living the life we desire.

They can keep us from going after goals we would like to achieve.

They can keep us from seeking joy.

They can keep us from experiencing fulfilling relationships with others.

But most importantly, negative thoughts and beliefs keep us from knowing our value.

They keep us from seeing ourselves as God sees us.

The beliefs we hold lead to the thoughts we think.

Our thoughts create feelings and emotions which drive our actions. beliefs

The beliefs that we hold about ourselves can either bring about positive, healthy actions or terribly, devastating ones.


I think about young people who suffer from lack of confidence and don’t know their value.

Youth is such a vulnerable time as the decisions made at that time can have far reaching affects in our lives. Youth is a time when we lay the foundation for the rest of our life.

My late teen years were filled with one poor choice after another.

Just after turning 17, I began an affair with a married man.

I was promiscuous with boys from school.

I was married and divorced by 19.

By 20, I had experienced two abortions.

How sad is that? What a terrible foundation in which to start life!

My beliefs didn’t include the fact that I had value. That lack of value led to feelings of unworthiness, which led to destructive actions.


When we define ourselves by what others think or say we aren’t getting the truth. Not the constructive criticism kind of truth that people give in order to help us better ourselves, but the labels people want to stamp on us–the limits they want to put on us.

The world will define your value based on your social status, your race, your education, your bank account, your looks–all the things that God doesn’t care about.

The real truth is that YOU HAVE VALUE.I-AM-Who-God-Says-I-Am-300x227

1st Corinthians 3:16 says, “Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s spirit dwells in your midst?”

We are God’s masterpiece, created in his image. This is why you have value. And nothing you can do will change that value.

Think of it like this…if I have a shiny, new quarter–it’s worth $.25. If I put in on the train tracks for a train to mash it and I pick it up later when it’s all dented and scratched up…it’s still worth $.25.

When knowing that we have value becomes the core of what we believe about ourselves, then those beliefs will change our thoughts and feelings.

When those thoughts and feelings are changed, our actions will change.

You have value —> changed beliefs—>changed thoughts—>changed feelings—>changed actions—>CHANGED LIFE

This will lead to different results in life–a better, more joyful life.

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