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Stop Doing This One Thing and You Can Be Happy

We all want to be happy.  We want to experience joy.  The desire to be happy was important enough that our forefathers wrote it into the Constitution.  happiness

Now we reap those benefits.  We own beautiful suburban homes with three car garages and pantries filled with Cheez-Its, Fruit Loops and Ding Dongs.

At any moment of the day we can be fully entertained by Netflix, Direct TV, Youtube and any other thing that I’m not cool enough to know about.  We’ve got it all.

So why are so many people unhappy?  Why aren’t they experiencing joy?  What is it that people need to do in order to be happy?

Stop chasing happiness.

They need to stop seeing happiness as something to pursue.  They think, “I’ll be happy when…”

When I get my dream job.  When I retire.

When I get married.  When I get divorced.

When I have kids. When they leave home.

When I build my dream home.  When I simplify and scale down.

This is why people aren’t happy.  They believe happiness is something to attain instead of something to be.  They see it as a destination.  Happiness isn’t found in the state of our circumstances, but in the state of our soul.

We can choose to be happy and find joy in life or we can choose to be the curmudgeon who sits and waits for people to walk on their grass just so they can yell and holler.


Of course, crappy stuff in life happens.  Like really crappy stuff.

People get life changing diseases.

Children die.

Relationships end.

Accidents happen.

Times like these are when we hit bottom and are crushed.  But those who have chosen happiness as a way of life are the ones who will bounce back quicker after tough times.  They’re the ones who will go with the flow of life and move on.

You and only you are in charge of your happiness.  If you look for it externally it will always elude you.  It will always be dangling just out of your reach.

Do you see happiness as something only you can cultivate?  What has been your experience in attaining happiness?