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7 Ways On How to Get Over Yourself

Isn’t it easy to become overwhelmed with what’s going on in our lives?  When our problems become our focus, then our focus is all ME, ME, ME.  Right?Bad Attitude

It’s even easier to become more ‘me’ focused when we isolate ourselves and are uninvolved.

The whole world becomes us and our problems.

Small problems seem big and big problems become mountains that we feel we can’t conquer.

The lens through which we view life becomes so narrow that we can see nothing else but that one thing.

This is where people lose hope and depression sets in.

Step Back

But when we step back and view things with a wider lens things our perspective changes.

We realize that we aren’t the first and only person facing the problems we have.  There is nothing new under the sun and whatever it is you’re facing, others have faced it as well.   We can learn something by listening to or reading about others who have faced similar hurdles.

Life Happens

We can choose to view life one of two ways:

  • we can either think things are happening to us and play the victim
  • or we can take responsibility for our lives – how we think, what we say and the choices we make.

So here are 7 ways to get over yourself and put your life in perspective:

1.  Take responsibility.  You and only you are responsible for your life.  People may hurt you and do things you don’t like, but you can choose how you will react.  Haven’t we all said, “You make me so mad.”  Umm…no – we choose to be mad.

2.  Serve others.  Nothing will get you over yourself faster than serving someone else. This doesn’t have to be a big production like a mission trip, but it can be as simple as asking an older neighbor if you can weed their garden, work an extra hour for someone who needs to leave early or offer a ride to someone you know walking on a hot day.

3.  Listen to others.  Really listen. Like, shut up and listen.  Don’t have your mind thinking about what you’re going to say next.  Just focus and listen.

4.  Acknowledge your feelings.  God gave us feelings and it’s normal for us to sometimes feel overwhelmed by them.  But if we acknowledge that they’re there and give them a bit of attention it’s easier to keep them from controlling us.

5.  Don’t blame others.  Stop blaming and being a victim.  Just stop it.  True, others may have played a part in bad circumstances in our lives, but you control what happens from this moment on.

6.  Learn to trust God.  Life’s gonna happen.  We can either worry and fret or truly trust that God has our best interests in mind.  Things have a way of working out.  It all comes in the wash.

7.  Keep things in perspective.  Think of problems you faced years ago.  Most likely they don’t affect your life today.  Problems come.  Problems go.  Ask yourself how you will view this current problem in 5 years.  Will it matter?  If it’s a life changing problem, ask yourself how you want to handle it so that in five years you’ll look back and feel at peace about how you faced it.

Your life will be what you make it.  Make it be something that when you’re old you can look back and say, “Dang, I done good.”