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“I Like My Legs,” She Said. Can We Say the Same?

“I like my legs,” my 10 year old daughter confidently proclaimed while we were on a walk. “They’re smoother and softer than everyone else’s.”legs

Now I’m not sure how she came to the conclusion that her legs rank highest in the smoothest and softest category.

But it really doesn’t matter.

She believes them to be so. And she LIKES them.


Roaming through the maze of clothing racks, I scan over the colors and styles. My eyes pause at something that is ‘me’. I envision myself wearing the outfit and totally rocking it.

Liking the scene that plays in my mind, I pluck the garment off the rack and head to the changing room.

This will look great on me.

But the me I imagined is not who is looking back in the mirror. The woman in the mirror is middle aged. Of course, the lighting used in changing rooms doesn’t make me look my best.

In fact, it highlights the worst.

These people don’t know a thing about marketing. You wanna sell clothes to women? Make them look their best. Soft, alluring lighting. That’s what’s needed.



The clothes will be flying off the racks.

So this middle aged woman is staring back at me. In my mind, while standing at the rack, I had envisioned a younger version of myself. That younger version who dances through fields doing pirouettes with a billowing silk scarf trailing behind me. My younger version can effortlessly do back handsprings and run without tiring.

This, of course, is in my imagination. I’ve never danced through a field with a flowing, silk scarf. I think they only do that in the movies.

Today, I’m trying on shorts. I haven’t worn shorts in years because of a few spider veins. Like the world hasn’t seen spider veins. But because my skin isn’t flawless, I haven’t worn shorts.

I stare at my reflection. Yes, the legs belong to a middle aged woman.

But I am a middle-aged woman. No one stays young forever.

I recall my daughter’s statement—“I like my legs.”

“I LIKE my legs.”

Can I say the same? They’re not the smoothest or the softest. They’re not the tannest or the longest. But they are awesome.


Because I’ve decided to believe them to be so.

I buy the shorts.

Next time my daughter says she likes her legs, I’ll say, “Awesome! I like mine, too!”

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