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How To See Your “Mistakes” Differently

Remember getting a test handed back to you in school?  What did you dread seeing?  All those red marks, highlighting your mistakes, right?failure1

Do you see your life this way?  Your past handed back to you, marked up with red pen.

Maybe other people see you this way and tell you how you’ve always been a certain way.  Others in our lives are often just as quick to mark up our life with red pen as we are ourselves.

It’s All About Perspective

Instead of allowing those red marks to make you feel like you’ve received a ‘D’ or an ‘F’ in life, you choose to view them as life lessons?

A different perspective is often all that is needed to create a positive outlook.  The object that you’re looking at doesn’t change; the only thing that changes is how you see it.

What if you took a different perspective about your life?  Instead of dwelling upon the mistakes you’ve made, why not see them as lessons learned and challenges faced?

Growth is part of the human experience and involves the process of trial and error.  Lessons will  be repeated in various forms until they are learned.  The “failed” assignments are just as important to the growth process as are the ones that are “passed”.

Some people learn lessons quicker than others.  We may see those people as the ‘A’ students of life.  They are often better equipped with the tools needed to learn certain lessons quickly.  Others need to obtain their tools as they go.

A life well lived isn’t a life that is perfect.  It isn’t seeing your ‘life test’ handed back to you free of red marks.

A life well lived is about the growth that occurs when we do learn the lessons.  “Failed” experiments don’t mean you’re a failure, it just means you haven’t found what works yet.


We are all broken, some more than others, which means lessons may be repeated and take longer to learn.  Some lessons will leave deeper scars and make bigger messes.

That may mean a harder clean up job and a longer healing process, but the feeling of accomplishment after hard work feels great.

So change your perspective.  Instead of measuring your life success by the amount of ‘A’s you’ve received by avoiding mistakes, see your life as an opportunity to grow in wisdom from the lessons you have learned.

And then be willing to share with others what you’ve learned, because someone else is struggling with the same lessons you were presented with.

I hope you’re blessed today with peace as you let go of the burden of carrying mistakes and embrace the wisdom of life’s lessons.

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