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Open Letter Challenge: Dear World…

This post is a little different as I am participating in the Open Letter Challenge writing contest by Josh Irby The following is my entry as I respond to An Open Letter to You from the Rest of the World.


Dear Rest of the World,  writing

I received your letter and I’m sorry to hear that you’re not doing well.  You say that you need my story and that my piece of the puzzle is important. 

I don’t have power, money or fame.  The voices of the rich, the beautiful and the successful are the voices most people seek.

But often, it is the small voices out there with stories that inspire and encourage.    

My voice is one of those small voices.  But with so many voices clamoring to be heard, what can mine offer to you, World?

I offer you the lessons learned from my past, the joy I experience in the present and my hope for the future.

I offer my past experiences in learning difficult lessons.  I offer this past because I know there are others like me.  There are people who are in bondage to their pasts; people who live with shame and feel held down by their past choices. 

My small voice will be one that tells others they are worth more than their past mistakes.  My small voice will tell them that their self worth comes solely because they are a child of God.    

I offer you my present.  My present is filled with my five children and one grandchild.  They are intelligent, driven and curious.  They aren’t perfect, but they are striving to make their positive mark on you, World.

My present also offers you courage.  As I grow and learn more about myself, I offer courage to those who want to make changes in their lives.  Change can be difficult and stressful, but when we have the courage to make positive changes the result will be experiencing more joy.  I know you need more joy, World, and my small voice will be joyful.     

I offer hope for the future.  No matter where you’ve been, or where you are, there is always hope that tomorrow you will be in a better place.  My small voice will bring hope to the hopeless.     

So this is what I offer you, World.  I’m trying to live a better story and I will not give up. 

Because you need our small voices. 

All my love,



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