My First Guest Post

I’m taking an online class called Tribe Writers where I’ve met a lot of great people.  One of those people is Brenda McGraw and she has been so gracious as to allow me to guest post on her site.  Here is a segment of that post.


As Christians, we desire to be in God’s will.  We know that being in alignment with God is good for us.  We like what’s good for us.praying in church

Maybe we believe being in God’s will will make us comfortable and life will glide along easily. We might even look at someone who is suffering and think somehow they are out of alignment with God – they wouldn’t be suffering if they were in God’s will…right?

Whoa – very wrong.  I’m not one to think God causes bad things to happen in our lives.  Bad things happen simply because we’re a part of a fallen world.  But God tells us He can use the bad in our lives for good.

And for the most part, that good will come in the form of growth.

Hard Times Bring Growth

Growth happens the most during hard times.  Hard times test our faith and endurance.  We come through those times stronger, wiser and with a deeper faith.  If life was all meatballs and gravy we’d be as shallow as a creek in August.

Okay – so hard times come and often those hard times aren’t as a result of our direct doing. Illnesses, accidents, job cutbacks and deaths of loved ones happen to us.  Those things are out of our control – we can only control how we will respond to those events.

But what about choices we make that are the cause of hard times?


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