Is Your Cup Turned Upside Down?

Do you feel blessed? Is your cup overflowing with God’s blessings in your life?coffee-cup-upside-down-tommy-hammarsten

It’s easy to focus on the ugly, bad stuff.

It’s easy to let hard times steal our joy and blind us to the blessings that are right in front of us.

Maybe you’re having a hard time feeling blessed and grateful because you have your cup upside down.

Your cup can’t get filled if you don’t turn it over.

Here are some ways to know if your cup is upside down.

Don’t Blame Others

Blaming others for our life problems keeps us from feeling blessed.

Our problems are not our parents’ fault…blaming-others

They’re not our teacher’s fault…

They’re not the government’s fault…

They’re not our boss’s fault.

Those things/people can cause difficulty in life and be a pain in the butt, but blaming them for our problems makes us play the role of victim.

And when we’re the victim, we don’t take responsibility for our lives.

Victims believe that life happens TO them. They spend their lives reacting. When life is lived this way it’s hard to feel blessed.

Victims sit and wait for good things to happen to them. They have the mindset that good things happen to others and not them. They don’t realize that most good in life occurs because people were proactive and created good in their lives.

If we choose to blame others and feel that life is happening to us, our lives will be filled with self-pity, feeling helpless and being unproductive.

Accept the Winters of Life

Life will not always be the sunshine and rainbows of summer. There will always be winter seasons in life.

We can’t change the seasons, but we can change ourselves and how we react to the winters. Hard times of winters can make us wiser, stronger and better – IF we choose so. If we choose to handle the winters in this way, we are being proactive.

Learn from hard times.

Grow in suffering.

Be productive.

Don’t let life’s winters make you brittle.

Stop Complaining

Some people have a complaint for everything. Their food isn’t just right, their job always stinks, their kids are a pain, it’s too sunny, it’s too cloudy–on and on the complaints go.

How can you feel grateful and blessed if you have the heart of a complainer? Complainers are fault finders and therefore have a negative outlook on life.

Being a complainer keeps your cup turned upside down.

Don’t Live in the Past

Living in the past keeps your cup turned upside down. Being stuck in the past and letting your mistakes define you keeps you from feeling blessed.

How can you feel blessed if your carrying loads of crap around from the past? Drop it–lighten the load–and you’ll be ready to be filled with blessings.

It’s hard to feel grateful and blessed if you feel your best years are behind you and you are always reliving the ‘glory days’.  A trip down memory lane is fun once in awhile, but those times are gone and staying there keeps you from moving forward.

I remember a high school teacher telling our class should enjoy high school because they’ll be the best years of our lives.


I don’t know about you–but if high school was supposed to be the best years of my life–then my life isn’t going to amount to much. What a sad attitude–to go through life thinking your best years were in high school. Doesn’t leave much hope for the future.

If we believe the best is yet to come we will strive for a fulfilling life and our cup will be overflowing.

Have something that is pulling you into the future, something to move toward and something better to become.

The Greatest Loss In Having Our Cup Turned Upside Down

When we don’t feel blessed, then we can’t give to others. We can’t share ourselves.

The greatest benefit to feeling blessed is that we can pay it forward and bless others.

Sharing and giving of ourselves is only possible when our cups are filled.

If our cup is upside down there is no possible way to share anything from our cup.


Your cup is your own. The choice is yours as to whether it’s turned upside down or up right and ready to be filled.

5 Responses to Is Your Cup Turned Upside Down?

  1. says:

    Yolanda –
    I’m so glad to find your blog. What a delightful website you have! This post really lines up with my belief system. I’m a cup runneth over kind of girl.

    I recently had a bout with a life threatening illness. My cup got turned upside down. But by keeping my eyes on the future, I got it turned back up again. Now that it is overflowing, my greatest desire is to let my joy and hope flow into others’ cups.

    Thank you for such a sweet message.

    • yolandadeloach says:

      Thank you for your comment, Karen. I’m glad you’re doing better. The things I write about are things I’m trying to improve on or need reminding myself.

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    • yolandadeloach says:

      Thank you! I’m actually not sure how I got on Yahoo News, so I’m not of much help, sorry.

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