Don’t Be Shy – Let’s Dance!

I can’t sit still when I hear music.  I must move to it.  How can people sit stoned faced and stock-still while listening to music they enjoy?  It’s just not natural, I say!Snoopy_Dancing

We like catchy phrases like “Dance like no one’s watching,” or “Dance in the rain,” yet, I don’t see people dancing.  I believe people want to dance, but they’re afraid of what others will think.

They’re afraid of looking stupid.

They don’t have confidence.

They could be dull and dead inside and don’t experience joy.

The desire to dance requires joy.  If you don’t feel joy – you won’t feel like dancing.  But maybe… dancing will stir feelings of joy – so dance anyway and you just might smile.

The world needs more dancing – like the lady in this video.  We need to dance at bus stops, in our cars, at home, in the store – imagine the amount of joy that would be spread if we encountered more dancers in this world.

Lighten up, World and dance at the bus stop!

2 Responses to Don’t Be Shy – Let’s Dance!

  1. I agree Yolanda; lets dance! I think if we all moved when we were inspired to we would see alot more dancing 🙂

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