Do Something Positive with Time Spent Waiting

At my massage therapy job I often have time between clients. I usually go home, which is only a mile away, but if it isn’t too long, I’ll stay and wait. What I don’t like to do while I’m waiting is waste time. I’m not a game player on my phone, nor do I like to sit and watch the minutes tick away. I usually bring a book, but that day I decided to do something different.

I see time as a precious commodity, therefore I like to spend it well. During downtime at work last week I took a walk and photographed a couple of the churches in our downtown area. All I had was my iphone, so I didn’t take any stunning art, but it was a nice way to spend time that often gets dwindled away.

So here’s what I took, walking around looking like a tourist with my iphone.

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I enjoyed my break that afternoon. The time was spent in something refreshing and positive. It was also something memorable, much more so than if I had wasted the time grumbling about having to sit and wait for my next appointment. I didn’t just do something interesting, I also created a fun memory out of something as simple as a work break.

What positive things do you do while you find yourself waiting?

3 Responses to Do Something Positive with Time Spent Waiting

  1. Amanda says:

    I knit. It makes waiting not only bearable, but something I look forward to. 🙂

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