Are You Waiting for Someday?

Someday. We’ve all said it.

Someday I’m gonna take that trip.

Someday I’m gonna make that Pinterest project.

Someday I’m gonna paint that closet. someday

There just isn’t time in life to do everything. We have to pick and choose how we spend our time. That means some things will get put off for ‘someday’.


But what happens when we put off important things for someday? Or resist making needed change until someday?

Someday I’ll quit smoking.

Someday I’ll start exercising.

Someday I’ll quit the job I hate.

Someday I’ll get right with God.

Someday I’ll end a destructive relationship.

Now we’re not talking Pinterest projects and closet painting anymore, but things that affect our well-being and quality of life. This is when we need to admit that there is no day of the week called ‘Someday’.

And if we’re really honest we also know that someday never comes.

Change Is HARD

So why do we accept crappy health, crappy jobs, crappy relationships and other crappy situations?

Because we’re creatures of routine and habit. We like what’s familiar. Familiar is comfortable–even when it’s uncomfortable. We cling to the familiar so desperately that we will make every excuse as to why we can’t change it.

“I don’t have time to exercise.”

“It’s too cold, hot, windy, humid, dry, rainy, snowy, to walk/run for my health.”

“Uncle Zeb lived to 100 and smoked everyday, so I don’t need to quit.”

“I can’t afford to change jobs.”

“I can’t do anything else, so I’m stuck with this job.”

And the excuses go on…often ending with, “Someday I’ll…”

‘Someday’ people live their lives on autopilot. They walk through their mundane life like zombies–going through the motions.

They live life re-actively instead of pro-actively.

They feel helpless to change their situation and rarely take responsibility for their life as they believe they are victims.

Being human means we all have walked through seasons like this. But getting through the season and being proactive in your life takes mindful and purposeful living. Mindful and purposeful living allows for growth.

Change isn’t easy and our brains will resist. We want to cling to what we know. But growth can’t occur without change in a better direction.


The need for change is often sensed on a subconscious level which can cause inner turmoil. That turmoil can be experienced as:

  • anger
  • anxiety/depression
  • illness
  • addictions
  • an increase in unproductive activity like excessive TV watching/internet use
  • living life on autopilot/ going through the motions

We live in this state until the discomfort becomes more than the fear of change. Those with greater self-awareness may accept the inner turmoil for only a short while before making change, while others can live with inner turmoil for a lifetime as they wait for someday. They resign themselves to a life of mundane routine and blame their life’s short comings on others.

Change is messy. Growth is uncomfortable. But the end result is worth it.

There is no day of the week called Someday.

More often than not, Someday never comes.

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  1. Right you are Yolanda! I’m reading a great book right now called Essentialism. It’s all about focusing our time and energy on what’s truly essential. And ignoring all the non essential stuff. The book Margin is another great resource from a Christian perspective.

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