Accepting These 5 Harsh Truths Will Improve Your Life

We only get one shot at this life. What we get out of it will be determined by what we put into it. Our attitude will be one of the major determinants on how we experience life. Miniskirts_in_snow_storm

Life contains some harsh truths. Reality bites at times. Accepting these truths will improve your life.


Because they are universal and unavoidable. Everyone experiences them. Accepting them will bring peace into your life. Rejection of these truths will invite misery, whining and complaining.

Here are 5 harsh truths about life:

1. You will experience failure. Failure is a part of the package. It will happen in our personal lives and our professional lives. Some failures may be small and not make too much of a dent, while other failures are epic.

What matters is that you learn and grow so you don’t walk that path again.

Others may try to define you by your failures and shame you, but that’s their junk. Let them carry it around. Anyone who doesn’t experience failure lives in a coma.

2. Someone will always have more and be more than you.  Most of us will never be the richest, the prettiest, the best or the smartest. Even if you’re on top for awhile–someone will eventually come along who is better.

There is always someone out there who will have more and will be more than you. Keep sharing your gifts and talents because the world gets better when people share their best–even when they’re not the best.

3. There ain’t no ship comin’ in. So many people are passively waiting for their lives to get better. They’re waiting for someday–that magical day when they have more money, better relationships and more fulfilling lives.

We envy lottery winners–thinking their ship has come in, but has it really? A Virginia study showed that 70% of lottery winners were broke after 5 years and a Texas Tech University study showed 90% had burned through their money after 5 years.

So does that mean for the remaining small percent their ship did come in? Maybe in a monetary way–but did it improve their relationships, their health or their outlook on life? We have no way of knowing.

If you want your ship to come in–YOU have to be the one to paddle out and bring it into port. Bettering your life takes action–action on YOUR part.

4. Not everyone will like you. We all want to be liked. We have a need for fellowship and connection with others. When we are rejected, it hurts and it cuts even deeper if that rejection comes from people with whom we desire connection.

But the harsh reality is that there will be people who just don’t like you.

We all have different tastes–you’re going to be into some people and others, not so much. Some are your type, some aren’t. And the reverse will be true–some people will be into you and others won’t. Let it go.

5. Someday there will be no tomorrow. No one knows what the future holds. We’d all like to live a healthy, long live, but that’s not always the case.There are accidents and illnesses that cut people’s lives short.

Heck–the world could explode tomorrow and we’d all be toast. However it happens, everyone will experience a day that will be their last.


Accepting these harsh, but very real truths will improve your life. By accepting them you will be able to embrace the present and accept what is. It’s called…peace.


“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”  ~John 16:33

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