5 Reasons Why You Matter

We all seek purpose to our lives. We want to know our time here made a difference and that we did something significant.

We want to matter.Help-One-Another-Faith-Stock-Photos

God didn’t create to you to take up space and suck air. You have a purpose and you do matter.

Here are 5 reasons why YOU matter.

1.  You are valuable to God. He knows each hair on your head and formed you in your mother’s womb.

Isaiah 13:12 says He will make us more precious than fine gold. You are not here by chance nor are you part of some randomly formed universe that has no meaning. God is interested in you, therefore YOU matter.

2.  You have something you can teach others. Your life experiences are unique to you. You have knowledge from which others can benefit. The energy that you pour into your hobbies, interests and passions can spark an interest in others.

You don’t have to have a formal education, degrees, fancy titles or a string of letters behind your name in order to teach people something. Teaching not only helps others, it helps you. It helps improve your own skills and provides fulfillment.

3.  You can help others. One of the greatest things we can do is to support and help one another. Helping people can mean physically doing something for them – but you can also help by inspiring others to be their best.

You can inspire people and bring them hope. Sometimes what people really need is for someone to believe in them. Tell someone that you believe in them today.

4.  You have the capacity to love. Every day you have the choice to either love or be a hater. If you’re critical and nasty, people will wince when they see you coming.

One of the greatest things about being human is our capacity to experience love and joy – and it’s even greater to spread it to others. Remember that those who are critical and nasty are struggling and are often the ones in the greatest need of love.

5.  You have the ability to influence others. No matter who you are or what your job is you can be a leader and influence others to achieve their greatest potential. Leadership is about serving others and helping them to be great. Encourage and inspire others to achieve their best.

Once you realize your own worth and that you are valuable to God you can find your purpose and make a difference.  Teach, help, love and influence – you can do these today because YOU matter!

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4 Responses to 5 Reasons Why You Matter

  1. Laura Rath says:

    Hi Yolanda,
    I’m stopping over from Faith ‘N Friends today. I’m reminded that in teaching and influencing others, sometimes it’s not by something we’re actually doing, but by the example we set and how others see us living out our faith…in the good days and the bad days. Great post. 🙂

    • yolandadeloach says:

      Thank you so much for commenting and adding your thoughtful insight, Laura. I hope to be seeing more of you at 5 Minutes for Faith.

  2. Barbie says:

    Visiting from the Faith ‘N Friends link up. Thank you for the reminder that God uses me and I have alot to give to others.

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