31 Ways To Be Unhappy

Would you agree with the statement that most people want to be happy? making-choices1

That people want to get up everyday and find joy in life?

I think so–even the old curmudgeon who yells at passing kids to keep off the grass probably wants to be happy.

But a hard concept to learn is that attaining joy is an inner journey of choices.

We all walk through life with choices to make.

There are good choices and not so good choices. And even outright bad choices.

The results of these choices will determine the paths we walk in life.

There are lots of suggestions out there on what to do in order to ‘be happy’.

People try to add these ideas but get frustrated when it doesn’t work. Sometimes there are choices we’re making that block us from attaining joy, no matter what we try to pile on top of it.

Like a litter box–you could just keep pouring clean litter on top of cat poo–it might look pretty for a bit, but it doesn’t change the fact there’s poo under the new litter.

Here are 30 choices TO AVOID if you want to find joy in life.

1.  Spend your time worrying. Worry about the future. Worry about the ‘what ifs’.

2.  Live in the past. Believe your best years are behind you. Spend all your time talking/thinking about the good-ol’-days.

3.  Regret the past. Drag it along with you everyday.

4.  Blame your problems on everyone else. Don’t take responsibility for your life. Be the victim.

5.  Do drugs. Consume lots of alcohol. Smoke cigarettes.

6.  Let other people make your decisions for you. After all, they know better than you.

7.  Talk about yourself all the time. Never take interest in anyone else.

8.  Gossip. Talk about people. Share their secrets. It will make you popular. You will be in the know.

9.  Live beyond your means. The average American has $7,000 of credit card debt–so why not? Everyone else does.

10.Never become educated or learn anything new. Why bother? It takes too much effort.

11. Watch a lot of television. Tons. Waste hours and hours a week watching Netflix series.

12. Hold on to anger. Rehash old issues with people in your head. Over and over again.

13. Always be right. Never acknowledge someone else’s viewpoint. You must have the last word.

14. Compare yourself with others. Keeping up is important.

15. Put yourself down. Surround yourself with others who also put you down.

16. Do the same thing everyday. For the rest of your life.

17. Live paycheck to paycheck. Never save or plan for the future. Make excuses why you can’t.

18. Never show grace to anyone. After all, they got what’s coming to them. Serves ’em right.

19. Never take interest in other people. Why should you? It’s all about you.

20. Be busy. Fill your days with activity and commitments. It makes you look important to be in such demand.

21. Strive for perfection. When you don’t achieve it, beat yourself up.

22. Never do anything for other people unless it benefits you in some way.

23. Let your health go. Don’t exercise or attempt to eat well.

24. Let your hobbies fall by the wayside. Who has time?

25. Dream about all the things you want to do someday. Take no action to achieve those goals.

26. Lie.

27. Always say I can’t. Believe it deep down.

28. Be afraid of new things. Resist change. It is always bad.

29. Never let anyone else be in the spotlight. Always be the center of attention and turn conversations back to yourself.

30. Ridicule people for the choices they make when they’re different than yours. The only right way to live is your way.

31. Believe life has no purpose. Don’t cultivate a spiritual life.


Most likely we’re all guilty at making some of the above choices at some point. But what if you find that some of these choices are your life pattern?

Part of the beauty of being human is that we CAN change. We can change directions and walk a different path.

Like the litter box, you can’t pile pretty stuff on top of the above gunk and be happy. We need to scoop out the poo.

Every day is a new chance to make better choices.

“See, I have set before you today life and good, death and evil.” ~Deuteronomy 30:15

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  1. Your list is so true! It’s hard to watch people you love make those choices!

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