3 Signs That You May Be ‘Playing It Safe’ And Resisting A More Fulfilling Life

Play it safe. Bucket-of-crabs

Don’t rock the boat.

Keep the status quo.

We like to cling to what we know. We’re creatures of habit. There’s safety and comfort in what’s familiar.

And because of that, our lives are often unsatisfying and we’re left yearning for more.

Time is spent wishing things will someday change, but we’re either too scared to take the first step to change or we don’t know where to begin.

Is The Safe Way Always The Best Way?

We’re lead to believe that making ‘safe’ choices are what’s best for us. Sometimes we make safe choices because it’s what others demand from us. We may want to fit in or go with the flow of what society expects.

That safe choice might be going to college right out of high school because that’s what you’re ‘supposed’ to do. It could be staying in an unsatisfying job because it’s a secure income.

A safe choice could be staying in damaging relationships because the fear of the unknown is greater than keeping the status quo.

Fear of the unknown is the main reason we play it safe. We don’t want to leave friends and people we know so we may stifle our desire to leave a hometown, church, or social group.

There’s risk in changing jobs, going back to school or starting a business. For many, the fear of failure is greater than the possibility of success.

So we take the ‘play it safe’ route.

Playing it safe often keeps other people happy. People like it when others around them keep the status quo.

It’s like a bucket of crabs. If one crab starts to escape out of the bucket, the other crabs will pull it back down. The mentality is that if I can’t have it–you can’t either.


So if Sally is dissatisfied sitting in her cubicle day in and day out and decides to follow her dream of opening a dance school she will be met with objections as to why it won’t work. And many of her fellow cubicle dwellers will be envious of her courage to leave what’s safe and venture out.


Here are 3 signs that you may be playing it safe and keeping yourself from a more fulfilling life.

1. You can’t shake that nagging feeling. We were created with intuition for a reason. Learn to listen to those gut feelings. God may be speaking to you. Listen. Pray about it.

2. You feel a lack of purpose. There’s a feeling of stagnancy–of going through the motions. If this feeling persists it may be time to reevaluate where you are in that area of life. A passionless life can never be one that lives to its full potential.

3. You feel bitter and resent the accomplishments of others. This is a red flag that you may be slipping into a hole that can be hard to climb out of. A sink hole that traps people into the victim and ‘poor me’ mentality. Catch it early before you’re left wallowing in perpetual bitterness.

Bonus Reason: Fear. If you’re constantly trying to talk yourself out of why doing a certain thing won’t work or why you shouldn’t or can’t–this is the biggest red flag of all. Put the fear aside and try to see your idea from a new perspective. Get the perspective of someone you trust that won’t try and pull you back into the bucket.

I wish you the best in the New Year and hope that if you find you’re playing it safe, you’ll start on a new path of reaching your full potential.


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