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First Post at 5 Minutes for Faith

I’m proud to be able to write for an online faith community as a monthly contributor. This is my first post at 5 Minutes for Faith:

When It Seems Winter Will Never End

Every February it hits me. The mid-winter slump.

Maybe you call it cabin fever or the winter blahs.

Whatever you call it makes us feel the same: unmotivated, a bit down, sleepy and dreaming of spring.

snow window

When the slump hits, I start browsing websites for Florida, the Bahamas, Hawaii…I plan a winter vacation knowing full well that I will not be walking on warm beaches or attending a luau.

I’m not going to those places because as a nursing student it’s not in the monetary or time budget right now. But it’s nice to think I might someday.

And so winter drags on.

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31 Ways To Be Unhappy

Would you agree with the statement that most people want to be happy? That people want to get up everyday and find joy in life? I think so–even the old curmudgeon who yells at passing kids to keep off the grass probably wants to be happy. But a hard concept to learn is that attainingContinue Reading

Living Authentically

Be authentic! Be Yourself! We’re given those messages and we think we agree. But what happens when we actually do come across someone different? Here’s what we say: “Oh my gosh, look what she’s wearing!” “Did you see the color of that house? Ugh.” “That idea will never work–we’ve always done it this way.” ***Continue Reading