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The Importance of Hope In Your Life

We often lose things. Some may be little things like keys, wallets and homework. Those small things that when they are lost become irritants in our lives.

We have to get new keys made, deal with the DMV and try to get the teacher to believe the dog ate our homework.  boat

We can lose important things like jobs, loved ones, pets and health. These loses are devastating and push us to our limits. But we press on and adjust to life.

There’s one thing, that if lost–there is no pressing on. If we lose this, we become broken.

What is it?


Suffering, pain and despair are a part of the human experience. Our faith in God can be questioned or even shattered. We can feel disconnected from His love and unable to give others our love. Despair is like a vortex that pull us into depression.

This is where hope is lost.

Hope is the driving force in our lives. It’s what keeps up going. It’s what lifts us out of darkness.

We can lose faith.

We can lose love.

But when hope is lost…we’ve hit bottom.

The hymn, Whispering Hope, sings:

Whispering hope, oh, how welcome thy voice,
Making my heart in its sorrow rejoice.


We need hope. Even a whisper of hope can be enough to keep us pressing on. We don’t need it shouted from the mountain tops or it flowing over us like a waterfall.

Hope it so vital that just a whisper has enough power to move us.


Future and hope go together. We can’t face the future without hope. Part of God’s loving grace is the gift of hope. We can’t get up each morning without it.

Where ever you find yourself today, may you hear the whispers of hope.

The whisper that says, “Life is still good.”