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Do You Suffer From Baby Elephant Syndrome?

Have you ever wondered why a full grown circus elephant doesn’t run away when only tied to a flimsy chain and a small peg in the ground? It’s massive strength could easily snap the chain and pull out the peg.elephant

It doesn’t because it believes it has limitations placed upon it that aren’t really there.

When the elephant is a baby, it is chained with strong chains. Anytime it tries to stray away the chains painfully cut into its legs.

The baby elephant grows up remembering this pain. When it is grown it only needs to be restrained with a flimsy chain and peg because it believes the heavy chains that truly would restrain it are still there.

How many of us our held back from pursuing dreams and goals because of chains that only exist in our minds?

Everyone has Dreams

Everyone wants to achieve something in their lives.

But the sad truth is that for every few of those who do pursue their dreams and reach them, there are thousands who don’t.

They have no vision, their days pass by with no direction, their name gets recorded in a family Bible and they’re swallowed up into the vastness of history.

They didn’t take risks. They didn’t go for it. They settled for vanilla because of limitations they believed about themselves.

The elephant grows up and stays within the limitations it believes to exist because of what it’s learned in the past.

We’ve all had failures and mistakes in our past. Like the elephant, we remember the pain and we don’t want to experience it again, so we quit trying.

Maybe you’ve tried to reach for a goal and fell flat on your face. It hurt and it holds us back from daring to dream again.

The problem for most of us is that we try to build a future based on the past. This is why people repeat the same mistakes, follow the same patterns and end up down the path of a predictable future instead of an amazing future.

Sometimes we feel bound by other people’s expectations and circumstances. We are afraid to make changes or reach for a future that we want to build.

We can’t change other people’s expectations but we can change whether or not we allow ourselves to be controlled by them.

We may feel our circumstances are outside of our control, but are they really? Even if we can’t change some circumstances, we change how we react to them.

If you don’t like where you are in life, think about how you got here. Because what got you here, won’t get you there.

Let Your Amazing Future Pull You Towards It

If you want a future that is different from your past, then allow that future to pull you towards it, not last your past push you into it.pulling up

Allowing yourself to work backward from the future you want means learning new ways of thinking, being and acting.

  • Look at where you want to be or what you want to achieve and work backwards from there.
  • Write down what actions need to be taken and take them.
  • Learn how to change your way of thinking in order to take those actions.

Pushing yourself forward into the future usually means relying on old behaviors, thought patterns and actions that keep getting you nowhere.

Procrastination, believing in ‘someday my ship will come in’, dwelling on the past, and not having mentors will keep your life going in the same predictable rut.

Don’t let your history dictate your future. What is possible is what you say is possible.