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Are You Hiding in the Bushes?

What is it about Christianity and the perfect life syndrome?

Non-believers turn their noses up and sneer with satisfaction when Christians face the same troubles as the World. Christians themselves often hide behind the well trimmed shrubbery of a perfect the bushes

What’s up with that?

Since when should we feel we have to hide our true selves in some shrubbery and not enjoy the garden?

Our fallen human nature hasn’t changed since Adam and Eve hid among the trees in the garden because they were ashamed.

We aren’t much different now–even after Jesus came so we could be set free from sin.

Yet, we still hide.

We either hide in the bushes ourselves or shovel our shit behind it.

Then we look at everyone else’s beautifully manicured shrubs and believe that they have the perfect life.

We might even begin to groom our shrubbery to look perfect also.

We do this because we have a hard time acknowledging our human condition.

So What’s the Human Condition?

A fallen one.

A less than perfect one.

And because our condition is fallen–life won’t be perfect.

There are broken, hurting people everywhere. We’re all broken and we long for acceptance and love, regardless of the shit we’re hiding in the bushes.

But too often we believe we’re alone in our brokenness.

We believe the perfect life syndrome.

When we look at the beautifully manicured shrubs that others have built around their brokenness–we have a hard time accepting ourselves.

When we stop giving a rat’s ass about what other people think about us we can become transparent, which allows others to see us for who we really are.

That’s scary for some.

We feel we’ll be judged and looked down upon if people really knew us–or what we’ve done–or who we’ve been.

Many people carry secrets and burdens around with them all their lives and they stay hidden in the bushes because of it. Life wasn’t meant to be lived that way.

Who wants to stay crouched in some prickly ol’ shrubs when you can run freely though the garden?

So how do you free yourself?

1. Talk to someone you trust. We’re to confess our sins to one another and telling another human being about your darkest moments is freeing.

2. Acknowledge your brokenness and accept God’s grace, love and forgiveness.

3. Understand that everyone is broken–some more so than others–but they’re broken nonetheless.

We need to get it through our heads that the human experience isn’t about being perfect or better than the next guy, but it’s about experiencing the perfectness and goodness of God.

When we get that we’ll have compassion for ourselves and others.

We’ll be able to come out from behind the bushes and run through the garden.